Timetables from the Mandøbussen 2019

Extra departures can be arranged, but do

remember only if tidewater allows,

phone: 0045 75 44 51 07 and listen for further information.

april may june

july august september oktober

Mandøbussens contact.

ad'dress: (where der Mandøbussen driven from and you buy there ticket in the Mandøbussen)
Okholmvej 5 6760 Ribe.
telephone: 75 44 51 07
mobile phone: 40 76 76 79
E-mail adresse: info@mandoebussen.dk
In down standing field can you send a e-mail and booking direct to the Mandøbussen.

Write following infor'mation in that field be'low:
Date and time of de'parture:
number of adult: 
number of children: 
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